Top Tips From Our Research on Top Producers


Top Tips From Our Research on Top Producers

What the most successful people do differently


Dealing with ego driven buyers

Ask them to list possible solutions to the problems they are having and then see what you can agree on. The key is to get them talking about their problem. Remember, what comes out of their mouth means more to them, than what comes out of your mouth. It’s almost impossible to listen yourself out of a sale.


Improving performance

Help your employees identify and maximize their strengths first, then discover how those strengths can improve their weaknesses. People are motivated when their talent is acknowledged and are much more likely to identify and put their best effort into improving their weaknesses.


If an employee builds great relationships with co-workers but has problems with basic skills, guide them towards finding a co-worker who is willing to help them improve their skills.

The best way to help an employee to improve is first to identify and praise them for their strengths, giving them the confidence and motivation to work on improving those difficult areas.

If you just focus on weaknesses your people will always feel weak

Customer Service

Top complaint from call in customers

Make sure that callers don’t have to repeat themselves. Someone who has explained a problem three times to three different people hangs up angry, whether or not the problem is solved. Most studies done in the last two years show that people want to deal with one person. Customer service systems that focus on providing that are always rated the highest.


Public presentation skills: PowerPoint Problems

The simple key to the effectiveness of a PowerPoint presentation is to make sure that you say exactly what is on the screen. If you read your prepared notes and say something different from what the audience is viewing, learning does not take place. It is important that you say it exactly as it is written. We recommend you decide how you are going to say something and then create the slide to match your speaking style. This can prevent the syndrome known as Death by PowerPoint.

Visual design

Web sites and brochures have a tendency to look busy in order to show they mean business. The problem is that clarity is lost. People may think it’s cool, but they don’t really know what you’re talking about. They won’t call you and say, “hey I don’t get it” they will just do business with someone who is clear!

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