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Customers don’t want service!

Customers don’t want service. They want things that don’t need any service. They want maintenance-free, self-contained solutions, whenever possible. That’s not just chat-bots and other forms of artificial intelligence. It’s a solution that fits their belief system.  

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Motivation for the Severely Unmotivated

Motivation for the Severely Unmotivated Everybody is motivated to do something. Some people are motivated to just lie on the couch and eat ice cream. Let’s face it: We have all heard that if we just try hard enough, we can do anything. The problem is we don’t all have the willingness to put forth…

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Listening Like a Leader

Listening Like a Leader How to develop trust in under 5 minutes Our studies of the most effective people in corporate America show that the top 1 percent are effective not because they executed best practices well. They did not make the most phone calls or have the best processes. They simply understood the truth…

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