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Leadership Speaker Garrison Wynn, CSP



Research-Based and Entertaining

Looking at industry specific anonymous employee surveys combined with comparisons to Gallup research and information from other sources (PEW and the Department of Labor, for example), gives us the ability to create real solutions for today’s leaders.

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Thank you for presenting to us last week at our Leadership Summit. Your keynote presentation on what most influential leaders do differently really resonated with us. We truly loved your energy, incredible supporting data surrounding leaders and associate relationships, and how well you pulled the hotel industry into the many stories and references you are able to make to help us immerse into the content. After the session, it was exciting for us to see how we each were able to make an emotional connection to what you were conveying to us. We feel incredibly energized around creating an immediate and sustainable impact on our business. MARRIOTT International Global Leadership Team

Garrison hit four home runs!! Very practical and no BS! Great job, we will do four more next year as well. You have made huge difference for us.


Your presentation to our team allowed us to produce some of the most successful and profitable years in the history of Caterpillar. The impacts of your work are still in force today. We would highly recommend Garrison Wynn to help any company make the necessary sales-focused transition that we have successfully made.


Garrison was the perfect speaker for our team…great information with actionable ideas provided in an engaging and funny way.  Our meeting attendees were the 120+ field-level Operations and Service Managers, who directly manage our field service technicians.  Garrison’s presentation about leadership and getting the most out of those you manage was spot-on.  My team left the meeting energized and focused on ways to be a different leader in the coming year.  I am confident Garrison helped move the needle for our managers.


Garrison Wynn engaged and excited our audience! He mixes humor with real world experience and certainly can reach an audience. His message was relevant to our company and industry and he does his homework; not only on our company but on the audience as well. His message on leadership reached all levels and had them discussing leadership and safety. We all walked away with something that can be applied in our everyday business.  Thanks! 

Dyno Nobel, Inc.

The response was phenomenal. We believe you made a real difference in the morale and education of our people. Thank you for the effort you put into your research. Knowledge of our industry was the key. Many have personally benefited from your relationship approach, and have increased average monthly performance by approximately 25% accordingly.


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Influencing Leadership

The definition of leadership is someone following someone because they want to… not because they have to! 

Does your leadership style keep and attract employees?

Helping people to develop their own brilliance is much more effective than just giving them yours!

Customized For Your Organization And Industry

Leadership Keynotes And Breakout Sessions


Reducing employee turnover and job dissatisfaction

This highly focused, entertaining session shows leaders and influencers at all levels how to consistently create a sustainable culture of loyalty. This is not the view from 30,000 feet; it’s a high-energy, direct connection to the tools and tactics that are dramatically improving employee retention right now.

This program is a fun “experience” designed to provide you with actionable ideas and solutions that will assist in driving a sustainable culture that will help your organization to achieve its goals by keeping and attracting the people you need to succeed.

  • Making sure your people feel valued and supported daily
  • How to be right without making people wrong
  • Forensic listening: Listening to those who have not felt heard in the past
  • Eliminating quiet quitting by improving the employee experience
  • Making work worth it: Fix the job, not just the worker
  • Managing expectations and emotions

Winning the Talent War

Keeping and Attracting Young Top Performers 

People in their 20s don’t want what their parents wanted from a job. Also,  many Gen Y “potential employees” would rather work temporary jobs (through staffing companies) than commit to a company full time. This means there are far fewer people looking for jobs than anticipated. That means more jobs than job seekers (for the first time since this kind of data has been gathered) creating a “War” for top young talent. And they are not lining up for labor jobs (where you might get your hands dirty) even though they pay four times more than the job they took at the mall! They are also more likely to live at home and less likely to put up with a work environment that cramps their style. Attracting the young people needed to replace your retiring workforce (and making sure they stay long enough to make a difference) is crucial for your organization’s future.

This entertaining yet heavily researched program shows business owners, leaders and managers how to adapt their organization into a company young people want to work for and how to establish a culture they do not want to leave. Besides actually having a work force 10 years from now, the benefits include improved performance and heightened accountability from the millennials who represent your company’s future.


Remotely Awesome Leadership

How to manage faraway teams with near-perfect results

Without the personal power of onsite encounters, weekly or daily meetings, and the ability to visibly connect and track what people are doing, employees can feel uninformed and distracted. Good remote leadership requires a specific insight that creates a culture of commitment and productivity. And while email, phone, IM, voice text, and Zoom help a lot, those are just the tools to get a job done and not the solutions that will achieve your goals. This fun, heavily researched and virtually delivered session provides the actions and insights that allow leaders to be influential regardless of location.

  • Communicating what a good job looks like when it’s finished — not just the steps to get there
  • Creating clarity and developing a culture of timely communication
  • Removing homebound worker distractions
  • Improving productivity without micromanagement
  • Remotely managing activities and goals
  • Building and maintaining motivation
  • Creating trust that fuels engagement and performance

Getting Great Results

Turning Talent Into Performance

Available in Leadership and Management versions.

In this keynote, results from the largest management survey ever conducted are combined with real-life management and leadership solutions to get the most from your people, regardless of their skill level. Participants learn how to manage their ego-driven top producers, how to listen like leaders and make their people feel heard, how to hire for talent and turn it into top performance, how to create a culture of excellence with their most promising people and how to help their low performers fight their way to the middle.

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Innovative Influence

  • Drive and embrace change
  • Get buy-in and show value
  • Attract and keep top talent

Innovation fuels this research-driven, highly entertaining session, customized to provide the influence tools you need to communicate value effectively. By session’s end, leaders, business developers and team members acquire the insight and strategy to create a sustainable, disruption-proof culture. Whether you’re riding a new trend or shaking off past challenges, you can create the kind of influence that not only drives change, it makes your organization attractive to customers and today’s top talent … so you never stop getting better!


Frontline Supervisor Buy-In

It has long been known that frontline supervisors and foremen essentially run the day-to-day operations of an organization, but we often forget that their opinions and beliefs directly determine overall success. They carry such influence because people don’t really work for companies; they work for their direct supervisors. This hands-on (and gloves-off) customized, nonacademic session helps you get buy-in from those direct influencers by shifting their perspective toward creating a work culture that benefits them, their people, and the organization as whole.

How To Win An Unfair Fight

What the Top 1% Do Differently and Why They Won’t Tell You

This entertaining, research-based leadership keynote reveals what makes owners/managers of top-performing businesses so effective. But if you enter the session expecting to learn all about best practices and superior products, you’d better read the title again. Standout success in a difficult economy often comes from personal advantage – whether it’s personal appearance, leadership-style, communication, personality, resources or access to privileged information. Top performers rarely acknowledge this because it tends to make their success sound less impressive or undeserved. Program topic segments include: Lies About Success – And Why We Believe Them Often the truth doesn’t sound impressive enough From Interview to Confession The research Why Would Anybody Want to Be in a Fair Fight? Create your own advantage in leadership and business development The Truth about Success Being the best vs. being consistently chosen Action and Adaptability Create Opportunity Establish a repeatable process for success

Value-Based Leadership

Making Employee Engagement Actually Happen

We hear the term “employee engagement” a lot these days; we also hear how recognition, goal alignment and a clear path to success can create it. But how can an individual positively influence the opinions his or her employees and coworkers have about their job? This highly entertaining session, backed by Evolve Performance Group research across 46 countries (and combined with over 70 years of Gallup survey data) shows that the thing people value most is feeling valuable! It gives the specific communication tools that anyone can use to dramatically reduce resistance to change, difficult behavior and employee turnover. The impact of this program reaches far beyond the session itself, creating an emotional shift that fuels immediate implementation.


Change Is Mandatory… Stress Is Optional!

Change is something we all must deal with, but the stress that accompanies change is more of a choice.

This fast-paced, entertaining keynote creates an emotional shift for attendees as they see how much control they have over how change affects them. It also shows that stress is more about what we believe than it is about what is happening. It gives the specific communication tools that anyone can use to dramatically reduce resistance to change and difficult behavior. From workforce retention challenges, employee engagement issues and just embracing everyday work and life problems, this research-based program takes a fun look at a very serious topic.

  • No one wants to be a “senior beginner”
  • Curing disengagement
  • How to get “buy-in” on change quickly
  • Managing hybrid work environments
  • Working better together through change: overcoming silo-ism
  • Managing mental health: what the most successful do differently
  • The truth about stress: separating the data from the drama
  • Dealing with the resistance to change
  • Change is easy… you go first!

The Real Truth About Success

What The Most Influential Leaders Do Differently And Why They Won’t Tell You

Be prepared to laugh and learn as this research-based keynote reveals how top performers harness the power of their advantages, even when the odds are not in their favor. Business relationship expert and bestselling author Garrison Wynn delivers a high-impact program that answers two monumental questions: How do you get people to do what you want them to do? And how can you get better results from the challenging people you encounter along the way? With an emphasis on what you can actually walk out of the session with and achieve tomorrow, this program shows you how to weather the perfect storm while still looking really good in a raincoat!

The Truth About Leadership Success

Turning Talent into Performance

This entertaining research-based keynote reveals how top-performing leaders harness the power of their advantages. Business relationship expert and bestselling author Garrison Wynn delivers a high-impact program that answers two monumental questions: How do you get people to do what you want them to do? And how can you get better results from the difficult employees you encounter along the way? With an emphasis on what you can actually walk out of the session with and achieve tomorrow; this program shows you how to weather the perfect storm while still looking really good in a raincoat!

Participants will learn:

  • How to be right without making people wrong
  • The truth about trust: Listening like a leader
  • Bad-for-business body language: How leaders betray their words
  • How to avoid robbing people of their uniqueness
  • How to get people to listen to you: Developing buy-in and loyalty
  • How to get highly creative/difficult people to agree with you
  • How to be more approachable and comfortable in your leadership role
  • Being the best vs. being consistently chosen: The truth about likable leadership styles
  • Managing expectations and emotions
  • Dealing with the resistance to change
  • How to repair relationship damage fast: Action creates opportunity

Influence In Action

How to consistently hold people accountable

Great ideas are rarely good enough to get people to take action.  Sound, well-structured logic regularly loses out to mediocre ideas from leaders who really know how to influence. This high-impact, research-based session focuses on revealing the true key to accountability: not intelligence or strategy, but an understanding of what makes people feel valuable.  In this entertaining, interactive and sometimes brutally honest session, Garrison shows executives how to create a culture of accountability, even among employees at different performance levels. You”ll learn how to push your average and low performers to reach a higher level and how to hold ego-driven top performers accountable without causing them (or you) to lose the will to live.

Finders Keepers

How to identify, attract, and retain a loyal workforce.

From developing a marketing campaign to attract the people you need, to making sure they have a culture that makes them feel valued, this thoroughly researched program (Gallup, Harvard Review and Evolve Performance Group) gives you the tools to solve your labor problem and consistently improve employee performance.

Segments include:

  • The 3 reasons why Gen Y doesn’t want to work for you and what you can do about it.
  • How to quickly develop and maintain a culture that keeps and attracts top talent.
  • Getting people to choose your organization when the competition can afford to offer higher pay.
  • Making sure the employees you want to attract know you exist and branding your organization as a great place to work.
  • How to create a social media and advertising campaign that shows why your company is a good fit for the people you want.

Managing Managers

How to Create Great Leaders

Often top-performing employees are unable to transition their skill into leadership roles. This research-based breakout session takes a look at how to lead those new to management and provides the specific tools they need to develop high-impact leadership skills. This breakout provides take-away content to remove obstacles that prevent new managers from succeeding.

This program helps leaders and business owners help new managers to:


  • Influence people they used to have no authority over
  • Be effective without making people feel wrong
  • Manage expectations and emotions
  • Hold their employees accountable without rebellion
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Influencing Leadership

The definition of leadership is someone following someone because they want to… not because they have to! 

Does your leadership style keep and attract employees?

Helping people to develop their own brilliance is much more effective than just giving them yours!

Garrison was everything we asked for in a keynote speaker and more. Not only did he engage and energize the crowd; he got a standing ovation and connected with them on their level. He delivered a laughter-filled keynote address with a powerful message. I loved the way he spoke to every meaningful objective and brought new material that was relevant to the event. Fantastic! Couldn’t be happier.

American Express

Our people are using your leadership information and there is a great buzz around the company about the importance of motivating younger people. I keep hearing our managers making references to the solutions and that’s exactly what I wanted to happen.

Skanska USA Building Inc.

I just wanted to take a quick moment to share how wonderful it was to meet and work with leadership speaker Garrison Wynn. He was a true professional from the beginning to the end. If I were asked to pick a handful of words to describe him I immediately think of: flexible, accommodating, friendly, professional, quick-witted, intuitive, and hilarious. He was extremely thorough in asking questions and very in tune with the topic of the meeting. He tailored a leadership message that was spot on in the materialhighly engaging and humorous in his delivery. He held the audience’s attention captive the entire time he was on stage! After working with Garrison I would strongly recommend him for any future event, either inside or outside of our company.

This is by far the best program we have ever had. This is a tough group of seasoned professionals, so our choice of leadership speaker was critical to ensure our objectives were met. You did an excellent job of addressing the specifics we identified and accomplished that with humor and grace. Getting everyone on the same page, being really funny and focusing on a repeatable process for communication was the key. Most importantly, feedback from our staff was highly positive and we have had a 23% increase in sales.

The Royal Bank of Scotland

Months after our General Manager’s meeting, I continue to get calls from our folks who were in attendance asking if we can get Garrison Wynn to come back.  Garrison’s message, combined with his unique, upbeat and entertaining delivery, was the highlight of our leadership conference. Our goal was to have our leadership leave that meeting re-energized and ready to take on the challenges of a new year and an increasing level of activity. I would have to say … Mission Accomplished. Thank You Garrison!


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Leadership Keynote Highlights

What Do Top-Producing Managers Do That Consistently Creates Success?

To find out, we combined results from the largest management survey ever conducted (80,000 managers, 400 companies, and over 1,000,000 employees by The Gallup Institute) with the findings from the Wynn Solutions’ study of hundreds of top-producing managers.


  • We learned that when dealing with top producers, it is important to recognize their expertise and not heavily criticize their ideas. If you criticize people’s ideas, they will almost never use yours, regardless of how good your ideas are. Talent and sensitivity are traits often found together in top producers. The key to being an effective sales manager is being flexible enough to attract and keep phenomenal players.


  • To position yourself to turn talent into performance, you have to make sure your people are willing to do more than the minimum. They have to like your leadership style and feel they are the key factor in client satisfaction. If you make your people feel important, you and your leadership style will be important to them.


  • The truth about trust Effective leaders understand that trust is built on a foundation of compassion and competence. Do your people know you truly care about them and their clients, and do they believe you can actually help them succeed? If they do, they will trust you. The fastest, most effective way to do this is to make sure they feel heard. It’s more than just listening. When people feel truly heard and cared for, they will trust you. You must have a detectable level of concern/compassion and clearly explain the value of what you have to offer. Your people will naturally pass this on to their clients. In five years of processing survey results and through ten years of interviewing top producers, we discovered this was the platform on which success was built. We expected to find some magic bullet or something more complex but the only more complex approaches we found came from those who were not top-producing sales managers.


  • Great leaders focus on not robbing people of their uniqueness. If you tell someone you know exactly how they feel and walk in with the answer, you may create your own resistance. Some salespeople need a lot of attention because we keep showing them how they are not special, so they have to continually prove to us that they are. Let them know you understand their situation is important, and give them examples of how you have helped others overcome “similar” issues in the past by giving them options.


  • Focus on being effective, not just right. Making people wrong was the leading cause for top producers to stop producing or look for other opportunities. We found that top sales managers would instead say things such as, “I disagree, but I am willing to listen.”


  • Take the time to make people feel heard. Focus on how people feel about what they are saying, regardless of what you think about what they are saying. Top sales managers make sure they connect with their people one-on-one. It is a fact of human nature that if people feel heard, they are much more likely to choose your input over that of others.


  • Dealing with people you don’t like. Turning talent into performance from those you don’t care for will define your greatness as a leader.


  • Top sales managers spend most of their time with their most productive people. Although it is important to give new employees training and attention, if you spend a lot of time with those who do not produce, you can develop a culture of mediocrity.


  • Great managers hire for talent, not just experience, intelligence, and skill. They look for the natural, recurring patterns that can be productively applied. A successful sales force is driven by people, not vision. You can have great vision, only to see where your people cannot take you.


  • Great managers define the right outcomes, not just the steps. The key to success is getting better at what you already do well. Great leaders maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. They do the same for their people. If you want to help people improve upon their weaknesses, point out the value of their strengths first and then discuss their weaknesses.


  • Change is not the problem. Resistance to change is the problem. Great leaders make change work by proving to their top producers how the change is at least as good, if not better, than the old way and then having them spread it through the organization. They also effectively interpret and support corporate mandates and prevent quick negative morale shifts. Action and adaptability create opportunity.


  • Partnership. Top managers forge great teams and focus on finding the right fit-pairing junior and senior brokers together and defining roles, a workable split, and a growth plan. They recognize the need for these partners to be different, to maximize each other’s strengths, and minimize each other’s weaknesses.


The foundation and future of a company will always turn on the talent and performance of its people. Great leaders prove that getting great results comes directly from turning talent into performance.

"When people are praised by the boss for their strengths, they work better with others and are more willing to work on their weaknesses" - Garrison Wynn

Garrison was a hit with the 400 members of Generation Y attending the conference. The reviews were wonderful. The audience enjoyed getting a leadership message in an entertaining way, with research behind the theories and thoughts. Garrison was able to relate to our audience and keep them engaged while conveying important messages essential to their future success. We would highly recommend Garrison Wynn, and will certainly be using his services again for future conferences.

Lockheed Martin

Well Garrison, you’ve done it again! You made me look really good before another group of decision-makers. The senior executives were very impressed with your leadership presentation. Even though I was completely confident in your ability to make people “laugh all the way to learning”. As I surveyed the audience of 700 managers, I saw the most straight-faced and no-nonsense members of our group nodding their heads in agreement and laughing wildly. Even the meeting evaluations they completed three days later included glowing comments about your keynote. Some expressed real determination to build relationships with their employees based on the recommendations you provided. Our group can be a tough crowd when it comes to accepting “outsiders” as presenters. This was not an issue with you. Thanks again for another great experience. We’re looking forward to the next opportunity!

Internal Revenue Service

We have used Garrison fifteen times already this year, with terrific results. His funny, interactive approach keeps the group focused, and his “dealing with difficult people” segment, among others, was particularly effective.

AIM Management’s Financial Institution Division

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