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virtual keynote speaker Garrison Wynn


Creating an effective plan for the future, improving employee performance and managing change are often the focus…
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Speaking Like You Love The Audience

Straight to the point; if you do not engage your audience, your talent, knowledge, wisdom, looks, even celebrity only gives you limited buy-in. To maximize every ounce of your talent
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Guest Speaker Conference Room Setup and Event Planning Suggestions

Conference room setup tips from professional guest speaker Garrison Wynn. With over 22 years experience and working with over 90 meeting planners per year, Garrison has unique perspective you might
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Managing Your Keynote Speaker

Before you call the Speaker: Planning Speakers often keep a busy schedule and travel a great deal. Arrange a conference call at a set date and time with the speaker’s
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Hire A Funny Keynote Speaker To Boost Retention and Speaker Reviews

It is important to hire a funny keynote speaker, even when you are focused on content.  Content + Humor: A Full-on Fusion Boosts Your Meeting’s Success You know your organization’s
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Icebreakers for Meeting Planners and Facilitators

The days of one-liner jokes as ice breakers are gone, and there are many new creative ideas. The most popular are games that have participants reveal something personal about themselves,
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Guest Speaker Room Setup | Make The Most of Your Guest Speaker

Make the most of your guest speaker with careful attention to these details before your event
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Choosing a Guest Speaker

Choosing the right guest speaker to meet all your objectives can be a stressful task. This articles takes you through the process of choosing a guest speaker.
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