Depending on Each Other for Success: The truth about team building

Building better relationships internally will improve your team’s ability to be consistently productive. – Garrison Wynn

What makes working with others difficult? We’re afraid we’re not going to get what we want, or we’re going to lose what we already have.

This funny, insightful teamwork presentation combines relationship building with no-fluff motivation and change, Garrison examines the challenges team members face in a difficult market, and shows how they can learn to use those challenges as a catalyst for future success.

Team members acquire specific skills to recognize and manage difficult personality styles, dramatically improve communication skills, overcome fear, work well together in tough times and significantly improve interactions with others by building better relationships.

Garrison will deliver a team-building and conflict management program that will create a culture of accountability without blame distribution. Team members will examine common points of resistance to working with other people and understand the personal benefits of adapting to a team oriented approach, offering and accepting help, and learning to work well together to solve problems and meet critical deadlines.

The following is an outline of the key points found in a typical team building presentation. Garrison will work with you to customize a program that meets the specific needs and desired outcomes of your group.

Key objectives

  • Create and leverage long-term relationships
  • Create a team culture
  • Provide cutting-edge and basic communication skills
  • Gain a better understanding of how much control we have over our results

Insights and understandings

  • How to be right without making people wrong
  • The truth about trust: Creating the foundation of communication
  • Listening like a leader

Solutions and actions

  • How to avoid blame distribution: Accountability in action
  • How beliefs create experiences: The power of negative thinking
  • What is really important to us individually?
  • Defining our role in the solution

Team work speaker testimonials

Garrison delivered a great message to our team and delivered it in a fun and entertaining manner. He took the time to learn about his audience and personalized the message perfectly. The feedback from our team was great and we got the inspirational boost needed to finish strong in 2009!

Rocky Cunningham, AFLAC

Our people really enjoyed your presentation. Very funny and spot on with ideas about moving through change and communicating teamwork throughout our infrastructure. We had people there from all over the world and the feedback was great. Being so animated and clear made your humor work on a global level.

Hewlett Packard

Garrison's keynote was extraordinarily effective and our staff is still talking about it.  His insights into human behavior and how to work better together were well received.  Garrison's engaging style of delivery and willingness to frame a message in the context of our strategic theme made the message resonate.Troy Lange - Interim Executive Director - Mountain Board of Cooperative Educational Services

Funny, fast and entertaining. I was shocked at how much information I received from just the 30 min that Garrison spoke. His energy level was way up there and the stories tied it all together! After 30 years in Subway he was one of the top 3 I have ever seen. Thanks again for being part of our team too. 

Bill Horner, Development Agent, SUBWAY

Your segments on trust and the truth about team building were particularly appropriate in light of our upcoming journey. I also wanted to compliment you on the way you made the material interesting and enjoyable. Your use of humor and real life examples held our interest while still being very relevant. We are a rather serious group but you had us entertained the whole time. Once again, thanks for working with us on this project and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Ken Sample, Operations Standardization and Improvement Audit Team, ChevronTexaco

Garrison's Quotes on Teamwork

"Its important that we do our job well, but we may not get the opportunity if we can't learn to benefit from each other." - Garrison Wynn

"When we look for differences instead of similarities, we create barriers for trust." 
Garrison Wynn

"Communication skills are the foundation of teamwork, allowing us to transfer a message of support and hope so we believe as a group that solutions are possible." 
Garrison Wynn

"The key to being able to communicate and benefit from each other is to truly see your own value. That will allow you to see it more clearly in others." - Garrison Wynn