No Time to Gain

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No Time to Gain

What makes this new year different from every other new year?

I’m sure you’ve gotten plenty of upbeat or encouraging messages in recent days, such as “It’s going to be a great year” or “Make this year the best year ever!” After all, no one wants to hear “Have a normal, neutral, nearly good new year.”

But, in reality, we invented the calendar—and even the concept of time, for that matter. When you look at your phone, your watch, or your Google/Apple watch (many of which at first glance don’t really appear to tell you the time), it’s informing you of something mankind just made up.

The truth is that at any moment you can decide to take all the wisdom and knowledge you’ve never used and apply it instantly. Change is not an idea or a plan. It’s an action. You can wait to become smarter; but in the real world, the geniuses work for the action takers. You can wait to become braver; but in the real world, heroes and cowards feel the same fear—what separates them is nothing more than the action they take.

Additionally, in this very moment (which is real and requires no imagined measurement), someone else is taking action. This someone else knows less than you do and is more afraid than you are. So the big question is—

Why not you … and why not now?

So, the better message to offer right now is Happy Any Year!  #garrisonwynn  

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