Keynote Assessment Tools

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Pre-program Assessment Tools
for Keynote Presentations

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The assessments allow us to more accurately define who we are and what we do. They allow us to locate these qualities in others creating a system for identifying behavior that enables us to learn from our mistakes and repeat what we want repeated. Scientific and measurable results that we can demonstrate!

Assessments: Benchmarking your top performers

You will learn the behaviors, rewards, traits and recurring patterns of your top performers and most successful communicators. Wynn Solutions determines which internal and external factors make your successful employees so great and uses this knowledge along with current research results to help focus meeting goals, empower your best people and motivate new employees.

Value of the assessment process

Every person who has ever been in a position of leadership working daily with employees under their charge has thought to themselves “if I only had 10 more employees like Richard , running this business would be smooth sailing.” Resigned to their situation they simply get grateful for even having a Richard and hope their other people improve based on osmosis with Richard.

The benchmark surveys give your organization and keynote speaker the ability to diagnose your best performer, or performers and find out which behaviors, values, and traits they possess, and are willing to exhibit day-to-day that make them so effective.

Armed with the measurable knowledge of why your best employees are so great you now have a definable portrait of what you know you want in your company. You can now assess the rest of your employees and discover scientifically how their behaviors, values, and traits differ from those of your best employee or employees. This gap in performance is measurable, easily explainable and can now be effectively addressed.

In addition, you now know from your benchmark of “Richard” what type of employee you want to hire in the future so you do not have to hire bright, articulate people who may only interview well. Instead, you can hire based on your companies actual needs, getting the right people in the right position and moving into the future with a solid foundation for repeatable success.