Successful Belief Systems: Separating The Data From The Drama

It’s easy to say that “Life is about how we react to the things that happen to us!”

But when the new software is actually causing people to lose the will to live and even your tech-savvy 22-year-old dude (and this guy is very much a dude) says things like, “basically… this program is like …actually a conspiracy to gangster my happiness”. It has to be the fault of someone else or some outside source (the software), that has caused the stress…right?

The truth is that at some point we have reacted and adapted better to things that were much more difficult than this non-chronological, tutorialess, glitchy, new system designed by ________ (please insert a more politically correct and less profane phrase than what I had in mind here).

So it’s really what we believe about something that is the issue, not what we are actually experiencing in the moment. And, the more people who validate the belief (agree that this really sucks and is the biggest problem you have), the more likely you are to get stressed and make an overactive decision…with a hammer!

So the solution is to get real about how you feel and then you can effectively guide others through the change. Acknowledge that your expectations have not been met by listing to what the problems are and not just how it makes you feel, and then what future success looks like when it’s in place. Does that mean you will not be or appear agitated? No, not really, but it will make you look like someone who does not need to be restrained and escorted out of the building!

Change is always the same…We get the chance to be different.

Change management speaker Garrison Wynn: Program Descriptions

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