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Mobile Safety App

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Easy Environmental, Health and Safety Software

This mobile app allows workers to report workplace incidents involving injuries, property damage, environmental hazards and security threats from any location at any time“Engaging all workers in the process for maintaining a safe workplace creates a strong community of shared responsibility.” 

Walk through a demo of how to report an incident from your mobile device involving an injury.

safety app

Safety software that puts safety into the palm of your hand. It's FAST. It's EASY. REALLY

Safety management awarding winning system for reporting incidents, close calls, or making observations from anywhere using any mobile device. Whether you are in the field or at your desk, safety will be at your finger tips.

safety mobile application feature

Make Observations

Observations are the perfect complement to any Behavior-Base Safety program by allowing users to identify four different types of reports: Positive Behavior, At-Risk Behavior, Substandard Condition, Suggestion


Easy to Use Mobile App

Reporting and managing incidents from either a mobile device or a computer is intuitive and can be done in minutes for users at all levels of technological proficiency.


Real-time Notification

Submitted reports alert safety professionals and management immediately allowing for a quick and effective response.


Anonymous Reporting

Users may report in confidence with incognito reporting of most reports on the app.



Attach Photos

Attach photos and descriptions to any report.


A royalty free image from industry depicting a blue or white collar worker giving the number one sign.  Could be used for any industry such as oil and gas, construction or mining.

Automated OSHA Forms

Submitted reports are used to generate OSHA forms (300, 300A & 301) electronically.