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Garrison Wynn

If you could have a no-fluff motivational speaker, high-energy original humor, and industry specific customized business content delivered in a single keynote, what value would that have for your organization?

When you hire the right motivational keynote speaker, your audience leaves energized, entertained, educated and alive with possibilities. Only a motivational speaker with an entertainment background and dedication to research on what the top 1% do differently can energize and inspire your people to this level.

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Influence expert Garrison Wynn is a motivational speaker known for his entertaining, customized and research driven programs. He provides keynotes and break out sessions for corporate events and association meetings that are drop dead funny, motivational and full of proven research results on what the most successful do differently. All programs are customized to meet your organization's needs and goals.

Garrison is known for his appeal to a wide variety of audiences by delivering serious, result-driven information with professionally honed humor. His entertaining and provocative delivery style combined with in-depth research and an innovative approach makes him a favorite with clients who want to move beyond the limitations of traditional "best practices" and set breakthrough objectives to achieve maximum success.

Garrison was everything we asked for and more. Not only did he engage and energize the crowd; he got a standing ovation and connected with them on their level. He delivered a laughter-filled keynote address with a powerful message. I loved the way he spoke to every meaningful objective and brought new material that was relevant to the event. Fantastic! Couldn't be happier

speaker testimonial logoGarrison Wynn rocked the house at our annual Americas meeting! He's extremely entertaining, insightful, educational and engaging. Our team of over 500 professionals didn't want the guy to leave the stage. He's simply that good. We've had many talented and impressive speakers at our meetings over the years, but Garrison ended up being at the top of our list. Do yourself a favor and get Garrison Wynn for your next meeting. You can thank me later. — UNITED AIRLINES

Garrison is simply a “rock star” his ability to deliver a well-prepared message in a funny interesting way and engage with everyone in the room is unparalleled in his industry. His research and thought provoking educational material will resonate with our organization for many years. — Wells Fargo


You have a great responsibility to select keynote speakers that will hit a home run with your audience. We were looking for two things in a keynote speaker... humor and an impactful message. Garrison did a great job researching our customers and making every topic he touched on relatable. His humor was right on...and his message was powerful. Selecting speakers for conferences can be an inexact science. Save yourself the time and effort and just hire him to speak at your meeting. You won't regret it. — NAPA Auto Parts
Funny, fast and entertaining. I was shocked at how much information I received from just the 60 minutes that Garrison spoke. His energy level was way up there, and the stories tied it all together! In my 30 years with Subway, he was one of the top three motivational speakers we have ever seen. — Subway

Motivational Keynotes

Making the Most of Difficult Situations

Changing markets, changing times

This funny, insightful keynote combines relationship building with motivation and change management to deliver real solutions in uncertain times.

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Inclusion + Tolerance = Success

Creating a diverse culture that drives performance

Having a culture that includes and supports all people is more than just a moral obligation. It is a critical and commonly overlooked ingredient for success.

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Motivation Just Received Its Ph.D.

Making employee engagement actually happen

We hear the term "employee engagement" a lot these days; we also hear how recognition, goal alignment and a clear path to success can create it.

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The Real Truth About Success

What the top 1% do differently and why they won't tell you

Prepare to laugh and learn as a decade of Wynn Solutions research reveals what makes owners and managers of top-performing businesses so effective - and it's not what you'd expect!

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Getting Great Results

Turning talent into performance

In this keynote, results from the largest management survey ever conducted are combined with real-life management and leadership solutions to get the most from your people, regardless of their skill level.

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What the Most Influential Leaders Do Differently

This insightful keynote session delivers the specific actions that attract, create and retain top talent.

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Being the Best vs. Being Consistently Chosen

Success is more than being good at what you do; it's about being consistently chosen to do it. Garrison helps people to understand why their products, services or leadership styles or those of their competitors are selected.

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Change is Mandatory...Stress is Optional

Change is something we all have to deal with, but the stress that accompanies change is more of choice. In this heavily researched session, Garrison applies his signature humor to a very serious topic ...

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Generations Working Better Together 

This extremely informative, entertaining, solutions-based session explores why younger and older people don't see eye to eye and what to do about it in the workplace.

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Influencing Safety

Develop the personal influence to make things stick

Whether you are trying to reduce your number of recordables or prevent a good safety record from creating complacency, this entertaining, customized session is more than just a safe bet.

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Garrison was able to get through to our people like no one else. We thought we knew it all; we were wrong. — CHEVRON

Garrison was a hit with the 400 members of Generation Y attending the conference. The reviews were wonderful.

The audience enjoyed getting a leadership message in an entertaining way, with research behind the theories and thoughts. Garrison was able to relate to our audience and keep them engaged while conveying important messages essential to their future success.

We would highly recommend Garrison Wynn, and will certainly be using his services again for future conferences. — LOCKHEED MARTIN

royalbankThis is by far the best program we have ever had. This is a tough group of seasoned professionals, so our choice of presenter was critical to ensure our objectives were met. You did an excellent job of addressing the specifics we identified and accomplished that with humor and grace. Getting everyone on the same page, being really funny and focusing on a repeatable process for communication was the key. Most importantly, feedback from our staff was highly positive and we have had a 23% increase in sales.