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Virtual Keynote Speaker
Garrison Wynn, CSP


You can have it ALL in ONE virtual speaker! Motivation - Original Humor - Customized Content.

As a keynote speaker who’s headlined both onsite and virtual conference events for over a decade, Garrison is an inspiring and motivational speaker known for his entertaining, customized, and research-driven programs.

Virtual events are exploding, but the best virtual talks can’t merely be webinars. Garrison delivers high-quality keynotes, webinars, and performances on virtual platforms so that his compelling messages can reach your audience, no matter where they are.

Our team has successfully participated in meetings and webinars across several virtual platforms, including Zoom, Skype, and WebEx. Garrison ensures his virtual delivery is essential and timely, and so enjoyable that attendees don’t even consider the myriad distractions or alternate choices at their disposal. A great keynote offline causes you to put down your phone and stare, enthralled. A great keynote online should cause the same reaction, causing you to put down your phone AND ignore many more potential distractions.

Garrison’s animated and genuine style is perfect for virtual events! We were thrilled to have him at our meeting.  Big message, big takeaways and funny, exceeded our expectations on a virtual platform. Outstanding job! - Molson Coors Beverage Company

Great speaker, great virtual presentation! We really like what Garrison said and appreciate how pertinent the subject was to what we are living every day! - Ipsen Pharmaceuticals

Loved the energy!!! It went great! We have only heard positive feedback. - World Sign Associates 

THANK YOU!  We have gotten lots of great feedback and loved the Q & A discussion afterward. - Accenture

I just wanted to say how AWESOME Garrison's keynote speech was. It's the best delivery & message we have ever seen BAR NONE! We were enthralled every moment! - Carrier Corporation

You were great! Some wonderful chat messages. You were fantastic as usual.  - National Rural Broadband Association 

Top Virtual Programs

Change is Mandatory… Stress is Optional!

Change is Mandatory... Stress is Optional
Action and Adaptability Create Opportunity

  • The truth about trust: influence in action
  • Nobody wants to be a senior beginner
  • Employee engagement = change
  • Why stress starts and how it stops: safer and better

Change is something we all have to deal with, but the stress that accompanies change is more of a choice.

This fast-paced, entertaining virtual keynote creates an emotional shift for attendees as they see how much control they have over how change affects them. It also shows that stress is more about what we believe than it is about what is actually happening.

From COVID challenges to embracing everyday work and life problems, this research-based program takes a funny look at a very serious topic.


  • Achieving top performance while working from home
  • Plan Forward: rebuilding your business
  • COVID-19 (safety, fear, economics, and planning)How stress spreads and how you can stop it.)
  • Improving employee engagement: instant morale improvement
  • How to get "buy-in" on change quickly
  • Working from home with no distractions
  • Social distance does not mean emotional distance: overcoming silo-ism
  • Learning the new way: nobody wants to be a "senior beginner"
  • COVID induced worry: separating the data from the drama
  • Dealing with the resistance to change

Remotely Awesome Leadership

Remotely Awesome Leadership
How to manage faraway teams with near-perfect results

Without the personal power of onsite encounters, weekly or daily meetings, and the ability to visibly connect and track what people are doing, employees can feel uninformed and distracted. Good remote leadership requires a specific insight that creates a culture of commitment and productivity. And while email, phone, IM, voice text, and Zoom help a lot, those are just the tools to get a job done and not the solutions that will achieve your goals. This fun, heavily researched and virtually delivered session provides the actions and insights that allow leaders to be influential regardless of location.

  • Communicating what a good job looks like when it's finished — not just the steps to get there
  • Creating clarity and developing a culture of timely communication
  • Removing homebound worker distractions
  • Improving productivity without micromanagement
  • Remotely managing activities and goals
  • Building and maintaining motivation
  • Creating trust that fuels engagement and performance

Value-Based Leadership

Value-Based Leadership
Making Employee Engagement Actually Happen

We hear the term "employee engagement" a lot these days; we also hear how recognition, goal alignment and a clear path to success can create it. But how can an individual positively influence the opinions of his or her employees and coworkers have about their job? This highly entertaining session, backed by Evolve Performance Group research across 46 countries (and combined with over 70 years of Gallup survey data) shows that the thing people value most is feeling valuable! It gives the specific communication tools that anyone can use to dramatically reduce resistance to change, difficult behavior and employee turnover. The impact of this program reaches far beyond the session itself, creating an emotional shift that fuels immediate implementation.

Making the Most of Difficult Situations

Making the Most of Difficult Situations
Changing Markets, Changing Times

This funny, insightful keynote combines relationship building with no-fluff motivation and change to deliver real solutions in uncertain times. Garrison examines the challenges we face (from COVID-19 to communication breakdown) and shows how we can laugh at our problems while using them as catalysts for success. This session covers a lot of ground and provides no-cost, researched-based, easily implemented, proven solutions that your people can use right away.

Easily Customized Segments Include:

New people, new products and new approach
COVID-19 (safety vs economics)
Dealing with new leadership direction
Nobody wants to be a "senior beginner"
Embracing mergers and acquisitions
Technology changes and procedural shifts
Change makes us better?
Action and adaptability creates opportunity

Influencing Safety

Influencing Safety

Whether you are trying to reduce your number of recordables or prevent a good safety record from creating complacency, this entertaining, customized session is more than just a safe bet. It will get your people laughing, learning and motivated to create a culture of safety while maintaining productivity.

This program focuses on developing the personal influence to make things stick, whether you're helping leaders move change through their locations, dealing with COVID-based issues or getting workers to look out for each other on the job site. Garrison is authentic - a guy who's been there. He's a chemical plant explosion survivor who has developed environmental safety products still in use worldwide. He expertly fuses his experiences into key takeaways such as how to build the trust and relationships that make consistent safety a reality. He delivers those takeaways using a humorous approach that will have a serious impact on your event.

Creating a Culture of Safety

Creating a Culture of Safety

Safety is not a priority — it’s a core value. Priorities can change but core values stay in place. While research points to the fact that groups that know, value, and listen to each other are dramatically safer than groups that don’t, it takes specific skills and effort to form a sustainable culture. This session provides the skills and belief systems to make that happen. From psychological wellness, COVID related safety initiatives and embracing change, this entertaining, research-based program makes all your other safety initiatives much more likely to be implemented.