Garrison Wynn, CSP
Keynote Motivational Safety Speaker


"Garrison's message, combined with his unique, upbeat and entertaining delivery, was the perfect combination to reach every person in that room."


"He got a standing ovation and was the highlight of the conference"

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Fantastic Reviews!

Here's what others had to say after hiring Garrison for their conference.

safety speaker client oxyMonths after our general managers' safety meeting, I continue to get calls from our folks who were in attendance asking if we can get Garrison Wynn to come back. Garrison's message, combined with his unique, upbeat and entertaining delivery, was the perfect combination to reach every person in that room. - OXY

dyno nobel safetyGarrison Wynn engaged and excited our audience! He mixes humor with real world experience and certainly can reach an audience. His Safety message was relevant to our company and industry and he does his homework not only on our company but on the audience as well. His message on leadership reached all levels and had them discussing leadership and safety. We all walked away with something that can be applied in our everyday business. Thanks! - Dyno Nobel, Inc.

safety speaker client andersonGarrison worked closely with us to develop tailored presentations that were centered around our safety behavior standard. Garrison’s talks were outstanding. With humor, energy, and compelling personal stories, he delivered a powerful message that resonated with our team. Garrison exceeded our expectations! - Anderson Development Company

safety speaker client virginia state corporation commission Garrison Wynn’s presentation at our 24th annual Pipeline Safety Conference was extremely well received. Garrison was adept at putting out a very serious and important safety message while keeping the speech entertaining and engaging. We have had a wide variety of keynote speakers over the years, but Garrison stood out as exceptional. Conference attendees were talking about Garrison’s speech for days, and many other speakers referenced points that Garrison made. He was professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend him for anyone hosting a similar event. Thank you to Garrison and the whole team at Wynn Solutions for a great event!  - Shane Ayers, Deputy Director,  Division of Utility and Railroad Safety - Virginia State Corporation Commission

space and missle defense command safety conference speakerThank you for your outstanding contribution to the 11th Annual Joint Safety and Occupational Health Exposition. By sharing your time and energy, you contributed to a greater knowledge and commitment to safety among the soldiers, civilians and families of the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command. I would like to take this opportunity to express the gratitude of this command for your outstanding service. - James A. Dickinson, Lieutenant General US Army, Commanding General - U.S. SPACE AND MISSILE DEFENSE COMMAND

safety speaker client alabama powerWe asked Garrison to customize a one-hour safety keynote for the 22 events we scheduled. He got rave reviews (at all 22 events)!  Alabama Power

safety speaker client national gypsum companyI want to thank you for coming in as a guest speaker for our 2020 Safety Stand Down. You did an outstanding job touching on safety subjects and giving great examples while doing so. You kept the crowd very engaged with humor and statistics. Those two don’t usually go together very well but you made it work! I got nothing but positive feedback from everyone I spoke to after you left. Feel free to use me as a reference for anyone reaching out to you in the future searching for a recommendation or review. Good luck moving forward and continue doing what you do, because you are Very good at it! - NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY


As an experienced virtual presenter, Garrison can deliver any of his keynotes in multiple formats depending on your specific needs.

"Great virtual presentation! We really like what Garrison said, and appreciate how pertinent the subject was to what we are living every day." - IPSEN PHARMACEUTICALS 

“Garrison’s animated and genuine style is perfect for virtual events!  - MOLSON COORS BEVERAGE COMPANY

"You were great! Some wonderful chat messages. You were fantastic as usual."   - NATIONAL RURAL BROADBAND ASSOCIATION

“The best delivery & message we have ever seen BAR NONE! We were enthralled every moment!” - CARRIER CORPORATION

"THANK YOU!  We have gotten lots of great feedback and loved the Q & A discussion afterward. - ACCENTURE

"Loved the energy!!! It went great! We have only heard positive feedback."  - WORLD SIGN ASSOCIATES

Influencing Safety

How do you move safety through your organization?

How do you get buy-in? 

How do you get people to do what you want them to do regardless of the circumstances? 

"Engaged employees are more aware, less complacent and more likely to look out for each other. Incidents go down when morale goes up!" - Garrison Wynn

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Safety Program Descriptions

Engaged Safety

What the Most Successful Safety Leaders Do Differently

We hear the term “employee engagement” a lot these days. We also hear how recognition, goal alignment and a clear path to success can create it. But how can engagement produce a sustainable culture of safety as we strive for zero incidents? By leaders making their employees the "heroes" of safety.  

Drawing from Gallup research across 46 countries (research shows that engaged employees are 48% safer on the job than their disengaged counterparts), this highly informative and entertaining session reveals how skilled leaders at all levels create safety: They give employees what they value most—the feeling that they are valued. From this session, leaders acquire specific communication tools they can use to dramatically reduce resistance to change and to create a safer work environment. The impact of this program reaches far beyond the session itself, creating an emotional shift that fuels immediate implementation.

Influencing Safety
Frontline Supervisor Buy-In
Customized Safety Leadership
Influencing Safety For All Generations
Creating A Culture Of Safety
Influencing Safety: Virtual Version

Safety Program Testimonials

Safety speaker Garrison Wynn was very funny, knowledgeable about safety, well prepared and articulate – and most importantly, he held the audience’s attention. Our members gave him outstanding reviews.  - National Lime Association

Safety speaker Garrison Wynn absolutely hit a home run with the ESCS  Forum audience. He took the time to learn about the audience before his safety presentation which added a very personal feel. The audience said they could have listened to Garrison for another 90 minutes. The entire audience was so very captivated by his message and more importantly how he delivered it.   We look forward to recommending Garrison for future Nexen safety events. - Nexen

Garrison brought a uniquedown to earth safety perspective that resonated with both senior management and field operations personnel, not an easy audience to connect with. His fast-paced, energized message was spot on and he did so while staying clear of the typical safety buzz words and boilerplate that is so common in past speakers we have used. Garrison was a huge hit and perfect fit for our utility construction audience, content rich and entertaining all at the same time. Great job Garrison, we look forward to having you back at an upcoming event. - PRIMELINE Utility Services / VINCI Energies

Garrison delivered an opening keynote for our safety conference and did a fantastic job. Attendees really enjoyed the blend of insight backed up by research, complemented by comedic delivery. I would highly recommend him for your safety speaker. - Risk Control Technologies Inc. 

Safety Speaker Bio

With talents that established him as a Fortune 500 leader and professional stand-up comedian, Garrison Wynn, CSP, fuses comic timing and research to show how anyone can help create a culture of safety. He is authentic – a guy who's been there. Wynn is a chemical plant explosion survivor with a background in industrial instrumentation. For 20 years, he has given keynote presentations to clients such as Exxon, BASF, the National Safety Council, Behavioral Science and Technology (BST), the NFL, and NASA. In his teens, he debuted the world’s first video gaming system with baseball legend Hank Aaron; and as a young man, Wynn spent six years touring comedy clubs with the top names in the business before going on to create industrial products still being sold in 30 countries.

The response to your safety presentations has been overwhelmingly positive and I continue to receive comments and e-mails from all areas about how much they enjoyed your message. Without a doubt, you are the most powerful and entertaining safety speaker we have ever experienced! - Gulf Power

When asked, “What was your favorite safety session?”, hands down, in the United States, The Netherlands and Nigeria, your safety keynote received the most votes. None of the other sessions came even close! Your session was high energyhumorous and gave very practical advice for Safety Managers on how they can be better leaders. Thanks for all your preparation in making sure that it hit the mark. - Royal Dutch Shell

We had the pleasure of hosting Garrison for our annual company safety conference. In advance of the conference, Garrison and I discussed what our companies current cultural challenges are. Garrison was able to address these challenges in his presentation, offering direction for our people that will help us to realize our goals. Garrison’s presentation was as entertaining as it was educational. It was time well spent for our folks and we look forward to having him back. - Wieland

Garrison's ability to personalized his message for Mosaic was a great way to end each of the 7 sessions at our safety Expo. He gets the audience engaged and they start reflecting back on their own experiences! - The Mosaic Company


Garrison was able to get through to our people like no one else. We thought we knew it all; we were wrong. - Chevron

Garrison’s safety message was informative, entertaining and on point for the audience. US Pipeline

Questions And Answers About Garrison’s Safety Presentations

What Top Safety Managers Do That Allow Them To Spread The Message Of Safety Through An Organization.

Communicating safety through an organization is accomplished by looking at the truth about success.

Effective safety procedures and behaviors are spread through an organization through the building of good relationships and safety awareness. Below are some highlights of what top safety teams do that allow them to spread the message of safety through an organization.


  • They know it is possible to do the job right and safely at the same time.
  • They get rid of poison employees who bad-mouth safety.
  • They get people to buy into safety by making sure they know what is in it for them.
  • They know production quality and safety go hand-in-hand.
  • They make sure their people understand the difference between accountability and responsibility.
  • They help people create their own safety plans; people always support what they helped to create.
  • They respect their boss and participate in the change process.
  • They know the key to safety is making sure people are aware of their surroundings.
  • They are present in the moment. The excuse “I was not thinking” is always false. Accidents happen when people are thinking, just not about the task at hand.
  • They are not afraid to ask questions.
  • They can clearly explain the safety procedures. Overcoming resistance to change and adapting to change are fueled by clear communications. When people are confused they are hesitant to act.
  • They remember the critical five rules for communicating safety.


Top safety people deal with change and face reality: Culture change is possible! It has worked for others and it can work for you and your people. Remember safety and changing safety procedures are not the problem, resistance to this reality is.


A safety problem is one thing that is better to have heard about than experienced.

I want to express our sincere appreciation for being part of our Shell Oil Products US “Health and Safety Day-2004” at the Shell Learning Center. We appreciated your preparation and planning to deliver the goods that we had expected and discussed. The presentations were engagingentertainingmotivational and balanced with good substance for take-away utilization. Both safety awareness presentations supported our conference theme centered on the delivery of results. Again, thank you for your participation and energy in making the day a big success. We look forward to working with you in the future when opportunities arise. - Shell Oil Products US

Safety Program Accountability Synopsis

It means that you are held accountable for safety results. Your safety and the safety of your people are key components of your productivity.

Safety Articles

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The Real Truth About Safety Leadership

How Focusing on Strengths and Reducing Stress Creates a Culture of Awareness Not so long ago, we mistakenly felt compliance was the key to safety. We believed that if we could just get Bobby to pay attention to what he was doing, we would win the safety award (that we just invented). The plan was…

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Dangerously Stressed

How anxiety creates an unsafe workplace It’s official. Stress is now one of the most common causes of incidents in every industry. Across all types of sectors, employee stress poses a notable threat to workplace safety. From employee shortages to COVID-19, stress and anxiety can be so distracting that they can rob you of your innate natural…

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Safety Beyond COVID-19

June 2020 a safety month to be remembered   In the past three months, more people than ever think safety is important — even Jimmy, who never wore his safety glasses when the boss wasn’t looking and once proclaimed “I am way too smart to get hurt” (a statement that instantly invalidates itself). Jimmy’s now…

Influencing Safety

How do you move safety through your organization?

How do you get buy-in? 

How do you get people to do what you want them to do regardless of the circumstances? 

"Engaged employees are more aware, less complacent and more likely to look out for each other. Incidents go down when morale goes up!" - Garrison Wynn

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