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Management Skills Training Materials A Complete Management Skills Training Program


This management skills training kit is a complete award-winning management skills class that you can immediately download and deliver OR use to teach yourself the skills you need to move into or succeed in a management position.

WHO IS IT FOR? (Who Benefits)

This multipurpose training system is perfect for trainers who want a complete management class ready to deliver; however, it benefits others as well. The learn-and-teach approach is ideal for use by:

  • New managers under 30 years old
  • Experienced leaders looking for a refresher
  • Experienced leaders interested in modern management trends
  • HR professionals who want a program taught in-house
  • Corporate trainers needing a complete, ready-to-deliver management training program they can add their magic to
  • Those looking to improve their management skills or help others do the same
  • People new to management who wish to transition as easily as possible

New managers operate in a challenging space. Not only do they have to learn cut-and-dried basics like employment law, but they’re also expected to draw the best performance possible out of their people and supervise those who were their peers just last week! From safeguarding against lawsuits to having the influence to improve employee performance, this management training kit is designed to speed-up the transition into management and leadership positions. Learn quickly from years of research and thousands of interviews with top leaders, condensed into a format you can easily master and then teach to others

WHAT'S INCLUDED? (Training Materials)

The management skills training program, The Fast Track to SUPER Successful Management, consists of comprehensive content that’s easy to implement. First you learn it, and then you use the accompanying materials to teach all your managers. Course materials include an extensive trainer's guide (two and six hour versions), a participant workbook and a complete, customizable, PowerPoint presentation.

management skills trainers guide


A trainer’s guide for delivering the program and for your own self-study. This detailed training guide is easy to use and simple to teach others. It’s packed with research-based information, streamlined into a high-impact format that promotes retention and long-term implementation. (Adaptable for a two-hour course and a six-hour course)

Mangemeing training course workbook


An attendee handout to keep management trainees on track and engaged in learning.

Putting the right amount of information in people’s hands is crucial; this handout presents enough to keep them listening, but not so much that they feel they need to read ahead.

The handout snaps their attention to what you’re teaching and helps them connect your material to how it’s relevant in their daily job.

Manager Training PowerPoint


The PowerPoint slides present the information in a clear, direct manner. Use these slides to learn at your own pace, and then customize your presentation to others by adding slides as you deem appropriate. Together, the PowerPoint slides and leader’s guide combine to make a highly effective self-teaching tool that’s faster and more powerful than any book or video.


This kit’s dual purpose makes it possible to get the most from the information yourself and spread the knowledge as you see fit. The depth of knowledge that we’ve hooked to the most important issues allows you to become an instant expert, increasing your value to your organization. And although there are many ways to learn, the best way to seal that knowledge is to teach it to others. Those who use the kit to train others have the added distinction of lifting new managers to a higher level of effectiveness. Either way, the kit enables you and your organization to achieve results.

  • Save money: By using ready-made training materials and trainer resources.
  • Save time: You don’t have to design your own courses, you can use proven materials and techniques created by top management trainers for you to quickly get into the training market or deliver immediately to any type of management class. If you do want to design your own course, you can start to design your class using the pre made materials as a starting point. It will save you TONS of time.
  • Professional materials: Off-the-shelf high-quality training resources include trainer notes, training workbooks, slides, exercises and all you need to run a course.
  • Customize: Using SUPER Management Training Materials, you have total control over the content. You can customise, edit and modify as much or as little as you want. Add your own content, replace parts you don’t want, even insert your own logo.
  • Ready to use IMMEDIATELY: Upon purchase, you receive the complete source files in your e-mail which you can download immediately. You will receive all the training resources in open standard formats in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Slides


  • The program covers a range of topics crucial to a manager’s success, including
  • Employment laws (how to enforce them and the consequences of breaking them).
  • Leadership by example.
  • How to influence those around you.
  • Team building and the importance of right relationships.
  • The challenges and advantages of managing former peers.
  • How to handle uncomfortable but necessary conversations.


At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of members of the management team.
  • Understand the basics of employment laws in order to enforce the rules and understand the consequences of breaking them.
  • Recognize what it means to “lead by example” and the difference between leading and managing.
  • Understand how influence can help you become a better leader and how it can allow you to accomplish more.
  • Recognize how building the right relationships in the workplace can benefit you and your career and how first impressions can impact your entire working relationship.
  • Explain the importance of communicating like a leader and realize how communication styles can either help or hinder understanding.
  • Understand key elements to building a strong and effective team.
  • Understand the challenges and advantages of managing former peers and know how to make the transition smoother for everyone.
  • Handle uncomfortable and necessary conversations with team members.
  • Coach and mentor employees to success using basic coaching techniques.
  • Create an action plan to put these lessons into place in daily management activities.

By program’s end, you’ll create an action plan to implement these lessons into your daily management activities.


With our management training courseware you can:

  • Customize the content: Make the training more relevant to your audience their particular needs.
  • Print as many copies as you need.
  • Have unlimited users within your organization.
  • Add your name and logo.

Using any word processor you can completely customize and re-brand each training resource as your own. Add company logos and color schemes, insert industry examples, even combine training modules from different courses to create completely new training programs.


When you purchase the management skills training class "in a box", you will receive BOTH the six and two hour versions of the of the class. This will give you the ability to offer half day or full day versions without any work on your part!

The SUPER management training course "The Fast Track to SUPER Successful Management" normally sells for $500.

We are offering the complete course in both the six and two hour versions for only $275.00 for the next 30 days.