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Motivational Quotes and Inspirational Memes

Motivational quotes and Inspirational Memes by Top Motivational Speaker Garrison Wynn Motivational Quotes “The reason that obsessive worry has so little value, is because every problem comes with its own set of solutions.” – Garrison Wynn “Money may not buy happiness; but its better than poverty that cannot buy anything. Happiness is an inside job…

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Managing Your Keynote Speaker

Before you call the Speaker: Planning Speakers often keep a busy schedule and travel a great deal. Arrange a conference call at a set date and time with the speaker’s office. This way, you are sure to have your speakers full attention for at least an hour without dealing with constant interruptions. Contact the speaker’s…

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Safety Is Not a Goal; It’s a Lifestyle

Let’s liberate ourselves from the BS. Many of us who try to make the safety programs work at our organizations are not dedicated safety professionals. We have what is commonly referred to as “a real job.” This is not meant to be offensive to trained and highly skilled safety folks, for whom safety is indeed…

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Who Wants A Job Where It Is Never The Boss’s Fault?

The only way to effectively hold others accountable is to first hold yourself accountable in front of them. As a leader, if you want employee engagement and long-term influence, you must take a look at the role you’ve played in your team’s problem and make sure your people know that you’re examining your own involvement. When…

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