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Why Not You?

The truth is without good relationships communication suffers; without engaged employees, awareness is lost; and, without generations supporting each other, information isn’t passed down. In the long-term, the culture doesn’t improve and may, in fact, deteriorate.  

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The Future’s Not Here Yet

Even with all these solutions being applied, can we really move into the future with a generation that was taught that these jobs have no future? It’s time to be honest with ourselves, to admit that we may have made a mistake. In our effort to provide a better opportunity for everyone, we may have created a mindset that ultimately will not help anyone.

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Motivational Quotes and Inspirational Memes

Motivational quotes and Inspirational Memes by Top Motivational Speaker Garrison Wynn Motivational Quotes “The reason that obsessive worry has so little value, is because every problem comes with its own set of solutions.” – Garrison Wynn “Money may not buy happiness; but its better than poverty that cannot buy anything. Happiness is an inside job…

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Managing Your Keynote Speaker

Before you call the Speaker: Planning Speakers often keep a busy schedule and travel a great deal. Arrange a conference call at a set date and time with the speaker’s office. This way, you are sure to have your speakers full attention for at least an hour without dealing with constant interruptions. Contact the speaker’s…

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Separating The Data From The Drama

It’s easy to say that “Life is about how we react to the things that happen to us!” But when the new software is actually causing people to lose the will to live and even your tech-savvy 22-year-old dude (and this guy is very much a dude) says things like, “basically… this program is like…

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