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Does AI ‘s ROI Mean Humans Are SOL?

Despite their typecast use in many sci-fi plots, bots are simply tools for humans to use to do a better job and provide socially intelligent customer service while increasing profits. Bots allow agents to offer personalized service while their electronically animated brethren do menial tasks. Predominantly, research shows that human beings still value connecting with each other, preferring it over any other interaction.

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Customers don’t want service!

Customers don’t want service. They want things that don’t need any service. They want maintenance-free, self-contained solutions, whenever possible. That’s not just chat-bots and other forms of artificial intelligence. It’s a solution that fits their belief system.  

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Speaking Like You Love The Audience

Straight to the point; if you do not engage your audience, your talent, knowledge, wisdom, looks, even celebrity only gives you limited buy-in. To maximize every ounce of your talent and be able to repeat it beyond any other way….Keep reading

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Why Not You?

The truth is without good relationships communication suffers; without engaged employees, awareness is lost; and, without generations supporting each other, information isn’t passed down. In the long-term, the culture doesn’t improve and may, in fact, deteriorate.  

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Want to Be Successful? You Must Understand This 1 Thing About Yourself

Many argue that the most important trait for a successful Entrepreneur is grit.  And what is grit if not that perfect blend of optimism and pessimism?

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How To Be Right Without Making Other People Wrong

What exactly are we trying to accomplish by proving to others that we’re right?
We might win the argument but ultimately lose the relationship. Perhaps a better, deeper-rooted question is this: Why do we lose sight of success, of our big objective when we feel challenged or intimidated?

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The Future’s Not Here Yet

Even with all these solutions being applied, can we really move into the future with a generation that was taught that these jobs have no future? It’s time to be honest with ourselves, to admit that we may have made a mistake. In our effort to provide a better opportunity for everyone, we may have created a mindset that ultimately will not help anyone.

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